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Welcome to M i Organized, my company is here to help you get your home to a more peaceful state. How do I do this?  First, I will arrive at your home ready to observe and to learn what is causing you the most the problems in your spaces. I do this from a non-judgmental point of view because we all have our messes and I’m here to help. While I am there, I will ask lots of questions and listen to see if  we can uncover why your clutter is causing you so much distress.

* Maybe you have gone through a life changing event and the clutter just started to pile up over time.

* Maybe being “organized” has just never been one of your strong skills. You try to de-clutter on your own, but you stop and rooms start to get filled with more and more stuff.

* Maybe you spend too much time looking for items all over home when what you rather be doing is enjoying your life.

* Or maybe you just want to learn a new way to get your belongings under control.

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Using my skills and training, we will work together to create custom made solutions designed to make your spaces reach there full potential.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Lao-tzu, Chinese philosopher

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