M i Organized

Professional Organizer for Residential Spaces

M i Organized offers a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation to discuss the space or spaces to be organized. Next, we will schedule a 60 to 90 minutes (depending on the size of the space) in-home assessment touring the areas that are causing you the most concern.

Please do not clean or straighten up the area before the appointment.


During this assessment, I will ask a lot of questions but the most important one will be what is your goal or vision for this space? How would you like this area to work and function better for you?

After the assessment, I will come up with a written plan to help us clear, arrange, and maintain the space.

We will then schedule an organizing session where I will do more of a “hands on approach" working along-side you, the client. We will tackle the space together and using my organizing techniques we will accomplish your desired outcome.

My process has four main steps that we will go through:

  1. Sorting
  2. Tossing
  3. Containerizing
  4. Maintaining

If you choose, you have the option do this project on your own using the written assessment. You will be provided a step by step guide to accomplish project in a timely manner. I will also follow up with a phone call to check-in on your progress.


 Assessments will be billed at my hourly rate.  M i Organized has several  package deals for all on site  & long-term projects.

My rates are competitive with others in the professional service businesses in the Richmond area. Each job and project are different so, I will not be able to give a estimate over the phone until each individual space has been viewed & evaluated. Also, the length of each organizing project will depend on the size of the space and how quickly you can make decisions during the "Sorting" and "Tossing" process.

Payment is due at end of the first session, and may be paid in cash or with a check.

M i Organized is licensed & insured.




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